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Step in to the online world


Hi, my name is Dan. I began making my first website using Wix Website Editor in 2017

to create awareness of my garden design service.

By 2020 the site had evolved. It has become more polished and efficient.

I had learnt a great deal more about how to build a better and more professional looking Wix  website. 

Proficiency through familiarity with the WIX Website builder, come together with my artistic  flare

and qualified graphic design skills to bring you this website design service.

I can make a Wix Website for you too!

Scroll down to take a look at the  websites I have developed so far.

Dan Arthur Garden Design

This is my first website which has evolved over the last three years.

 I make regular changes and add pages

for recent projects as they come to completion.

Click the link to take a look.


First of all, we will need to have an in depth discussion about what you need your new website to do and what it needs to be like. Depending on what your operation is, your website could look and feel super slick and  modern,

or perhaps  a retro style might better suit.


The Seaford Seamstress

I made this website for

Corrina The Seamstress

using the Wix Website Editor in 2020.

I manage the site, making additions, changes  

and keep it up to date.

Click the link to take a look.

Even though a  person may have found your site, they may not stay on it if there is no

interactive content or nothing to click on and discover. If the information they are looking for

is not easy to find and the site hard to navigate,  they will click away.

There are so many templates we can use to fit your style with many interactive elements to choose

in order  to keep your site visitors attention.  

BG Landscapes

 I had a good discussion with Ben Graham then made the site with everything we had talked about included.  

Ben let me know what he wanted changing, gave me paragraphs to include and pictures to add. I make changes and add project pages as and when he wants or needs them.


I will set up a Wix account using your email address and you will need to confirm the email sent to you from Wix.

I will give you the password to your account so you can enter the site and see the creation of your site as it takes shape

which will be very useful for us to discuss it's development.

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