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Today, having a website is not only as important as having a shop or an office, it is as crucial as having a telephone number. Customers these days expect everyone to have content online about their services, produce or whatever else they have to offer. 

Having a Website provides your consumers with around-the-clock access to your products and information 24 hours a day, seven days a week,

creating more interest and better generating the profits you need to make to stay afloat.


Zodiac Rat can create an interesting, concise and easy to navigate website to help you succeed in business. Whether you are a Small Business, Sole Trader or Specialist. When prospective customers search Google, they are going to find you

Take your Cafe or Coffee Shop online, to announce  your shop or kiosk in the local area, showcasing your new menu or produce. 

Show your opening hours and advertise specials. Say how great your Coffee is, add a location map and display Google reviews.


Thinking of selling your homemade produce on line? You can display and describe all of your produce, set up an order system and payment form.

Are you a local Artist, Musician or Band wanting showcase your artwork music or videos? You can have sound player, video boxes, connect with social media  and add a blog page. Zodiac Rat can help.


Builders and Gardeners. Show that you are the best in Town by outlining your professional services in a chic, contemporary web site. With a slideshow gallery of your outstanding projects, a page of first-rate reviews and contact form. 

If you are a Charity Fundraiser, raising awareness

and collecting donations,

a Local Club, Community enterprise, advertising events

or a Gallery or Museum.

a bold interactive website will work wonders in conjunction

with Social Media.
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